GUIDELINES : Abstract preparation

Abstract preparation
All abstracts submitted must be original work and not previously presented in any form at other symposia. Abstracts should not more than 300 words. Your abstracts will be submitted to the Scientific Committee for evaluation and presenters will be notified regarding the status of their abstracts ( oral or poster presentation ) and the date of presentation. The committee may request some papers nominated for oral presentation by authors to be presented as posters.
Abstract guidelines
1. Abstract must be submitted in English.
2. Abstracts should consist of a title, list of authors and their affiliation, contact address including e-mail address, keywords, and one paragraph only of script.
3. Type the title of the abstract in Times New Roman 14 points, Bold Underline the name of the presentiong author. Use numbers in the title for authors affiliation. 4.The abstract must be single line spaced, typed in Times New Roman 12 points. Standard abbreviations may be used. Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words.
5. The abstract should includ the following information information (1) Rationale and objective of the work ; (2) Approach and methodology ; (3) Results and discussion ; and (4) Conclusion ( Download abstract template )
Abstract submission
Abstract can be submitted as email attachment using the following
email address:

GUIDELINES : Fullpaper

Full paper preparation
Participants who intend to submit contributed papers are requested to complete the registration form indicating preference of poster or oral presentation. 

Please provide a title for your paper and abstract of not more than 300 words. After the review by the Scientific Committee, you will be informed of acceptance. A book of abstracts will be available at the conference and all accepted oral and poster presentation will be published in Horticulturae Special issue “Organic Horticulture” open online access as symposium proceedings. (ISSN 2311-7524)
Full papers submission
Authors should submit their manuscript to the Conference Committee by e-mail (MS word attachment) or hard copy with CD-ROM containing the file.

English will be the official language throughout the symposium

GUIDELINES : Poster Presentations

Posters are a special type of presentation and cannot reflect the amount of information presented in an oral or written paper. The information should be centered on a key message or theme; the amount of text should be kept to a minimum, be easily understood by the standing audience with distractions from noise and movement from other people, and highlighted with simplified and properly labelled charts, graphics, diagrams and pictures.

General guidelines:
Poster size: 30 inches (76 cm) in width and 40 inches (100 cm) in height
Poster sections and contents (readable from about 2 meters distance):
Title - most prominent block of text with the largest size (at least 80 pt in Arial; concise, to the point, and quickly orient the audience about the paper
Authors and affiliate - usually placed below the title; font size maybe similar to text (25 mm or 1 inch high in Arial)

Main sections:
Introduction (or Background/Rationale) - briefly presents the importance/ motivation, hypothesis, and objectives of the research
Materials and Methods (or Methodology or Key Methods) - briefly presents the procedures, preferably more of diagrams/charts and less in words
Results - presents the key findings/points to substantiate the objectives; analysis or interpretations of facts presented; could be with subheadings to guide transition
Conclusion - summary and significance of findings; may also present areas for further study
References (or Literature Cited) - keep to minimum; maybe smaller in font size than that of text
Poster presenters (or at least one of the authors per poster) should be present by the poster for discussions with attendees during the scheduled session time.

GUIDELINES : Oral Presentations
Presentation duration:
20 minutes (15 minutes presentation; 5 minutes discussion)
General topical sequence of presentation:
Background/Rationale (Introduction), Objectives, Methods, Results/Findings, and Conclusion
Equipment supplied in each room:
Computer with PowerPoint (Office) versions 2000 to 2010, LCD projector, and Microphone. If you plan to use Macintosh software, you must bring your own laptop and a VGA adapter. If you use a non-standard font (such as scientific symbols) in your presentation, you must supply the font in a separate file with your presentation. If you plan to project a video, it must be provided in a separate file in MOV(h264), Mpg or Avi format and be no larger than 50Mb. Please bring the file with you to the speakers' ready room.
Preparatory activities:
1. Please run your presentation in the speakers' ready room at least two hours in advance of the time scheduled for your presentation. 2. Please bring a biographical sketch to the Session Chair at the conference one hour before the session starts in order to facilitate introductions.