The First International Symposium on Quality Management on Organic Horticultural Produce aims at highlighting the most recent and exciting developments of organic horticulture, quality and safety, food security and environmental stewardship.

          The scope of the symposium will be emphasis on :

- Plant genetic resources, germplasm and genetic improvement
- Organic farm standardization
- Environmental factors on quality of organic horticultural produce
- Organic seeds
- Organic plug, transplanting and potting mixtures
- Organic greenhouse cultivation and management of horticultural produce
- Organic cultivation systems and techniques
- Biofertilization, composts and manures for organic horticulture
- Integrated pests and diseases management
- Integrated weed management
- Harvest and postharvest best practices
- Handling, transportation, storage technology and packaging innovation
- Supply chain, logistics and traceability
- All aspects of quality standard and safety assurance
- Value chains of organic horticultural produce
- Distribution and organic marketing opportunity and international trade
- Development, commercialization and niche market of organic horticultural produce
- Education and training on organic horticultural knowledge and production